Camp Brookwood

An Anglican Church of Canada Youth Camp

50th Anniversary Projects Underway
Posted October 6, 2016

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of Camp Brookwood. We are looking for people to help with the celebration.  If you have been a part of this wonderful ministry - a past camper, chaplain or staff member - help out by being a part of the anniversary committee.  Can’t commit to a meeting every month?  Maybe you can help with a fund raiser or an event.  The goal is to raise $16,000 to be able to offer half price camp fees to all campers in 2017.  Reach out to MaryLee Phillips at or Barb Smith at

Come help us celebrate 50 years of camping at Camp Brookwood in 2017!


Building Disciples While Having Fun

Camp Brookwood is a Christian summer camp operating with the oversight of the Board composed of members from the Anglican Deanery of Woodstock in the Diocese of Fredericton.

Summer camping programs include swimming in the pool, archery, recreation, hiking, handicrafts, Christian Education, worship, games, special events and campfires.

The camp operates 6 weeks of co-ed camps with multiple age groups. Beginning on Sunday at 6:00 PM ending Friday at 5:00 PM.

Campers live in cabins that hold seven people plus a responsible counselor. There is a maximum of 26 campers per week.  Split 13 girls/13 boys.

Absolutely no smoking on camp property. 

There is a Chaplain for each week, who oversees spiritual instruction, arrangements for worship and attends to the spiritual life of the Camp.

2016 Camp Brookwood Camper, CIT Appliation Forms Available Now
Revised July 11, 2016

Get your 2016 Camp Brookwood Camper application forms here!

The Counselor in Training (CIT) application for the 2016 Camping Season is available for download here.

The 2016 Camping Season brochure can be viewed here.

The 2016 Camping Season poster can be viewed here.


2016 Camp Themes Announced!
Posted January 25, 2016

Week 1: Private Camp, July 3-8 - NO BOOKINGS AVAILABLE


Week 2: July 10 – 15 (8-10) - Under the Sea

·    Water games.

·    Hide marbles in sand box, find with feet; sharks and minnows; stormy waters (musical chairs).


Week 3: July 17 – 22 (12-14) - Game Show Week

·    Different game show every week.

·    Are You Smarter Than.., Wheel of Fortune, Minute to Win it, Family Feud, Lip Synch Battle.


Week 4: July 24 – 29 (11-13) - Time Travel

·    Decorate cabins as a time machine (use towards golden dustpan).

·    New time period every day (Egypt, medieval, wild west, 60/70/80’s, future).


Week 5: August 1 – 5 (5-8) - Myths and Legends

·    Sasquatch hunt (find a counsellor), Jack and the beanstalk treasure hunt, noodle jousting.

·    Get kids to give us words/act out actions to help create a fairy tale story.

·    Story time before bed, for a wind down.

·    Mystical safari (unicorns/dragons/Nessie/etc. hidden in woods/by brook, check off list).

·    Spot the gnome (hide a gnome in different spots throughout week, see if they can spot him).


Week 6: August 7 – 12 (9-11) - Space Adventures

·    Star gazing at night, point out constellations/north star/Milky Way.

·    Building rockets (either one they can sit in, or a small one).

·    Man from Mars.

·    Don’t Drop the Android: balloons with tasks, catch, call a color, pop that color, and do the task.

·    Add the Ring on Saturn: have a ball, get campers to throw rings over it.


Visitor Information

Again this year we ask that you contact the director 24 hours prior to a visit to the Camp.

The director can be reach at 506-392-6401.

Also, we ask that you visit between the hours of 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM as not to interrupt the daily sessions.

There will be no over night visitors.  You will be required to report to the director upon arriving and  a visitor tag will be issue to you.

This policy is in place for the protection of the children.